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Origin Impulse Sealer 12" OIS-300P

RM83.50 RM62.90


Origin Impulse Sealer 12″ OIS-300P

RM83.50 RM62.90

– These small yet powerful units are probably the most ubiquitous packaging machines, and are used to seal bags for a great variety of industries and applications.

– They are affordable and easy to use, which makes them a great alternative for light-duty bag sealing applications.

– The sealing process is simple: The operator places the bag over the sealing element and lowers the upper jaw thus activating the unit.

– The seal process quickly ends once the preset seal time is reached. The operator retrieves the sealed bag and repeats the process. Bags are sealed repeatedly and uniformly.

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– Name: Impulse Sealer
– Model: OIS-300P
– Output: 220V
– Pulse power: 400 watts
– Maximum sealing length: 300 mm
– Maximum sealing thickness: 0.2 mm
– Heating time: 0.2-1.5 seconds


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