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Artline 70 Permanent Marker EK-70 Black


Artline 70 Permanent Marker EK-70 Black


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Product Description

Ideal for all types of permanent marking, from porous surfaces such as cardboard and wood, to non-porous surfaces such as steel and glass.

Product Specifications

•  Product Code       :   107001
•  Nib Type               :   Bullet
•  Line Width            :   1.5mm
•  BarreL                   :   Aluminium
•  Xylene Free           :   Yes
•  ROHS Compliant  :   Yes

Product Features

•  Instant drying alcohol based ink
•  Low odour
•  Ink is Xylene free and RoHS compliant
•  Hard wearing aluminium barrel
•  Bullet nib with a 1.5mm line width
•  For general purpose marking


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