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MKP Laminator machine SLIM-23

RM140.00 RM105.00


MKP Laminator machine SLIM-23

RM140.00 RM105.00

  • The MKP Laminating Machine is designed to give your favorite photos and important documents a permanent seal for long-term protection from damage.
  • It has a clear, professional film that lets content and information show through. This 2-roller laminator is ideal for certificates, signs, artwork, photos, ID badges, luggage tags, business cards and more.
  • Note: For light-use only, not recommended for continuous lamination!
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Model No. SLIM-23
Laminating Function Hot(120`c-140`c)
Laminating Width (mm) 230
Laminating Thickness (mic) 80~100
Laminating Speed 300mm/min
Max Voltage (W) 260
Warm Up Time (min) 1min-2min
Machine Size (mm) 362x120x40
Machine Net Weight (kg) 0.73


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